In addition to therapy, we also have supplemental programs outside of physical therapy:

              medical fitness

An advanced program offered to former patients, as well as anyone trying to maintain a higher level of health while avoiding future musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, or other internal issues; Medical Fitness is much more than a generic exercise program. A multi-focused approach which progresses work capacity (cardiorespiratory and muscular endurance), strength, flexibility/mobility, and other areas in a safe and supervised setting. Medical Fitness adds an element of client accountability which provides a higher level of compliance to a long term exercise program.


         Personal training

One on one training is offered through our Wixom facility. Depending on your own personal goals, an initial physical evaluation will be completed and a altered towards each individual. Whether it is geared towards weight loss/nutrition, strength training, cardiovascular endurance, form/technique and many other options, we can help you succeed!

For pricing and more info:

fascial stretch therapy

Fascial Stretch is another 'post therapy' option that keeps the body healthy and moving the way it is meant to move. FST is a type of stretching that not only stretches the muscle, but the connective tissue and fascia that lines the body. By stretching these 'fascial lines', the body is able to gain range of motion, mobility, flexibility and balance.